Breaking EA Desktop's pathetic Encryption

EA made a sad attempt to prevent me from reading their files. I’ll explain how I went about breaking their encryption.

2023-01-18 · 15 min · 3178 words · erri120

Getting started with GNU gettext for C++

GNU gettext is a very useful i18n and l10n tool that makes it easy to add translations in our code.

2022-05-05 · 11 min · 2242 words · erri120

Everything about Unicode, Code Pages and Character Encoding

An in-depth post detailing the origins of Unicode, Code Pages and Character Encodings.

2022-04-15 · 12 min · 2404 words · erri120

Fixing Anno 2070 by changing three bytes

Anno 2070 has been unplayable for multiple years but you can still buy it. This post will explain how you can fix the game by changing 3 bytes.

2021-12-10 · 9 min · 1834 words · erri120

Reworking rpgmpacker: Moving from C++ to TypeScript

A quick post explaining my decision of moving from C++ to TypeScript for my project rpgmpacker.

2021-11-18 · 3 min · 617 words · erri120

Don't count frames to calculate time

RPG Maker MV/MZ uses the amount of rendered frames to calculate how long player has been playing the game. This is beyond stupid.

2021-09-29 · 5 min · 962 words · erri120

CI/CD for RPG Maker Game Development

Learn how to automate content delivery for your RPG Maker game.

2021-02-04 · 10 min · 2057 words · erri120